What If About The Future

What if all the lava lamps got together to share every late-night idea ever inspired by their glow?
What if they turned them into a novel?


What if the food industry fought with the online marketing industry over exclusive rights to use the word organic?


What if we ran out of war?
What if we were too busy drinking water to notice?


What if carpets are afraid of heights and want nothing to do with magic?


What if Mark Zuckerberg rewarded each of the original 2002 Facebook members with $1 million, just for sticking around?


What if coming in last meant letting those before you go first?


What if love becomes a college degree?
What type of bachelors would be available? Arts, BS, or both?


future man


What if finding $20 on the sidewalk is declassified as lucky and scavenging for blank checks becomes a pastime?


What if autonomous flight loses mainstream appeal and is re-engineered for transporting pets? What if the target market is pet owners too lazy to walk their dogs?


What if driverless cars went on strike and demanded the return of the stick shift?


What if wearing medals becomes fashionable? What if trophies went out of stock? What if Nike introduced footwear for parades? What if we found more to march for? What if we ran out of gold?


What if one clock unstruck for one second causing one person to be late for the rest of his life?


Future of Drinks


What if 9 out of 10 dentists recommend your brand of toothpaste but your dentist is #10?


What if prisons become paradigms for wellness retreats?


What if clothing sizes were reconsidered and renamed like parking garages?
What if S, M, L turned into Tangerine, Orange and Grapefruit?
What if Petite sizes were named for Candies, Tall sizes for Vegetables, and Plus sizes for Meats?
What if you forgot your size while shopping, but remembered you were hungry? 


What if the next drive-thru sensation involves crock-pot food on tap? What if cotton candy comes back and gets spun in vending machines; what if cafeterias and hot lunch outclass restaurants with happy hour?


What if one spot among the Special Forces elite was reserved for the most decorated online combat video game player? 


What if we have limited internet clicks like heartbeats? What if we find out too late?



What (if anything) do you think about the future?



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