A Facebook Secession

Good news for the 6 billion people that are not on Facebook. The domain name mugbook.com “may be available for purchase or lease!”

I still can’t believe it and I wonder how long it will take myself or someone else to snatch this incredible real estate?

To be real, I will unlikely become the proud owner of mugbook.com but that’s not because I don’t see it for its parabolic potential.


State of the Union

With just under 1.4 billion active users, if Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous country on the planet.

A Facebook secession would force China to step down from the podium. There’s intriguing irony in that, since access to Facebook is limited in China. Zuckerberg, of course, wants to bring Facebook to Beijing. Should this egg of his hatch- and grow- we’d likely witness the grand scaling of the most complicated censorship apparatus of any non-government media company on earth.

State of secession

For most, secession calls to mind a shift or a removal. Suppose that 1.4 billion Facebookers pack their bags and screens and ship off to their own island- the New World.

On the other hand, secession also involves the right to stay put, set up shop and stick around. Facebookers can still secede and remain among 6 billion Others. But why would this happen?

Facebook vs. Mugbook 

Let’s get serious. Mugbook may very well become an e-commerce store for ceramic cups. Or get snatched up and secured by the government; Mugbook might become a sort of C.R.M. platform for the prison system. A businessman might turn it into a reputation management site. Imagine the promise, “we guarantee your mugshot will disappear online, everywhere.” Imagine calling for a quote. You’d get priced according to your criminal record. More convictions, more mugshots, more work.

But seriously- if the right person comes to power, steps up and owns it – Mugbook could become a new (anti) social engine. Can you imagine such an alternative?

This is exactly how a Facebook secession must happen. In order for Facebook to distinguish itself from the Others; the Others must establish an identity.

I can’t fall out of love. “Mugbook” is too perfect a contradiction. It’s too clever; backbiting, contemptuous, ironic. It’s steeped with revolution and competition.

Someone must take advantage. But who?

The Faceless 

One of my best friends is about to be 35 and has never had a social media account.

I Googled him. His name might as well be John Doe, for how common it is. So I Googled him with persistence. I found nothing.

In complete disbelief, I called him.”Are you real?” I needed an explanation. It’s not often you realize your friend has no face.

Some people are cynical about social media in general or Facebook in particular. We assume these Others have their passionate reasons. My friend, however, was rather dispassionate about his internet invisibility. He confirmed he was pretty sure he’s real. But he was indifferent as to why he’s socially anonymous.

At a certain point, people hold out on something past the point of it mattering.

Obviously, there are those that don’t care to light the torch and rally around the next new thing.


Social media seats us all at the community table, writes Pamela Paul of the New York Times. The funny thing is, most people excuse themselves from real tables with real families in order to take a seat online. It’s rude to be on your phone at dinner.

The majority of Facebook users belong to this middle group. They exist in both dimensions, logging in, logging off and carrying on. They have two faces: an online head-shot and an offline reflection in a mirror. They rarely acknowledge the distinction.

If this type of individual acquires Mugbook, I predict a failure to launch. Revolution doesn’t take root in complacency.


The ability to look at something on Facebook and say, what value does this add to my life? is something most of us don’t really do these days. It’s far easier to go on unquestioning, non-discerning and continue endless scrolling.

The person that seeks value and decides to find it is rare and courageous.  The chance that that person is reading this is rarer still. But if this is you, consider this a call to action.

Take your blinders off.

Mugbook’s for sale we’re waiting to see what you’ll do with it.



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