Don’t Trust Anyone That Doesn’t Have Hobbies

The following video expresses exactly how I feel about people without hobbies.
People that are always bored are usually boring.  People that aren’t interested in anything are almost always uninteresting.



The most intelligent and inspiring people in this life get excited about things. They talk ideas instead of making comments about events and other people. These people get me excited.

Aside From Hobbies

I was talking to a man next to me on a plane. He explained his education in environmental psychology, which I couldn’t wrap my mind around at first. He elaborated on his career in architecture, specifically, designing furniture that evoked sensory experience. I was intrigued.

I mean, who even thinks to think about about the difference between an altar made of solid marble and one just covered in marble but actually made of, say, wood? Who thinks it actually matters? Who knew that church goers perceive the quality of objects and it affects how they feel? That materials matter immaterially. It’s interesting. I like learning stuff I’m probably not better off for knowing.

I think it’s a huge mistake to take ownership of “passions.” People love to claim, “I’m passionate about horseback riding and sailing.” Or, “dancing is my passion.” And my favorite, “I’m passionate about my work.”  Ultimately, they’re just talking about their hobbies. It’s very subtle but there’s a note of desperation when they make these claims. They think hobbies help to explain who they are.

I think it’s inspiring when people explain their hobbies. This tells so much more. It’s not about possessing passion – it’s about being passionate. 

Passionate people don’t have to list off a bunch of things they’re into. They’ve got stuff to offer the world. And they’re usually somewhere doing it, not just talking about it. The man on the plane taught me a bit about designing spiritual spaces-  something I’ll never do of course. In exchange, I shared the story about where I was headed home from, my New Mexico experience, searching for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. I knew I had sparked his curiosity but I also know he’s not somewhere taking up the search for himself. We’re interesting to each other exactly for our differences.

Everyone’s looking for someone with similar interests. They say that their perfect match, “has so much in common with me!” How boring! If that guy on the plane tried to relate to everything I said, I probably would have busied myself with a book for the rest of the ride.

And if I must say something about trust (if you still don’t get it) I’d say- don’t trust people who have nothing to share. Don’t trust people who’re interested in you for your hobbies. And don’t trust people who don’t like dogs.




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